Market Research

The Russian market has many features. A unique mentality, a wide territory, a special way of doing business - these and many other factors make it difficult for foreign companies to independently analyze the possibility of effectively doing business with Russia.


Our important advantage is a deep understanding of the business and the tasks that the research must solve, as well as the ability to provide a variety of subsequent business development services.


We conduct any market research, most often in the following areas:

Opportunities to enter the Russian market with your own product

Analysis of product sales channels

Search for distributors and customers

Product adaptation to the Russian market

Brand perception research and adaption

Comprehensive analytics of the market of goods and services

Search for suppliers, goods, services

Analysis of all types of sales channels

Online and offline statistical research

Access to open and closed information sources


National economic trends

Industry analysis and economics

Forecasts and market prospects

International trade and trends

Legislation and policy

The result of our work is a detailed report on the topics of interest to you, taking into account the specifics of each request.

An important part of the report is the calculation of the client's ability to work in this market, specific ways of establishing work and their cost, additional advice from our specialists.


Based on the research results, we are ready to offer a full list of services for the further organization of work with Russia.