How to find clients in Russia?





Real estate


Choose promotion plan

  • Create Russian website, social media pages for their promotion

Modern professional design, integration with other services, analytics, promotion

  • Advertisement ads in most popular search engines, social media and websites

Search query analysis, ads group testing, cost optimization, website and social media integration

  • Russian-speaking manager calls and emails to potential clients

Search and collect potential customers in the database, prepare business letters and conversation scenarios, hold meetings, maintain cooperation

  • Open representation or virtual office

Increase customer confidence and usability with a Russian office, real and post address, call center, sales managers and other employees

Advertisment creation

  • Explore the offer and the audience

Social research and development of a selling proposition


  • Prepare a plan for an advertising campaign

Forecasting the effectiveness of advertising, planning budget and time of execution of work, conduction advertising campaign

  • Translate advertisement on Russian language with cultural adaptation

Correct translation, taking into account the peculiarities of the perception of the Russian mentality

  • Create website, online ads, leaflets​

Teamwork of specialists in design, programming and promotion

  • Report and continuation of future cooperation

Informative and clear report on the work and the results achieved

One mistake that advertisers make when expanding to a new country is using a carbon copy of their current strategy, assuming that what has worked before will work elsewhere.


The Russian online landscape is quite different to other countries, so advertisers will have to rethink their marketing plan. One element to consider, for example, is how relevant online advertising is in Russia compared to other markets.


Like any national market, Russia has its own regulations. Before starting, be sure to learn about these state rules, especially if your company is producing alcohol, tobacco or other products that are subjected to legal limitations on advertising.


We can provide full-spectrum of services: from adaptation of your advertisement to its promotion.

When promoting your products or services in Russia, there are several big channels, both worldwide-acclaimed and country-specific.


On one hand, GoogleAds (as well as Yandex) and ad banner on sites are the most casual ways to advertise. On the other hand, a core element of your advertising strategy will be your website. Having Russian version of it is the best solution, however new site designed especially for Russian audience may receive more positive feedback.


In Russia, the most popular Russian social network is VK, which is largely neglected by foreign firms. VK outgrows any other social network in terms of traffic and is closest to the Russian consumer. Additional efficient SMM channels in Russia are Instgram and Youtube.


We can assist in advertisement on any preferred channel and develop a brand-new site for your company. Moreover, real advertising, participation in exhibitions and placement on online marketplaces are also an options for working with us.

After attracting a client with advertising, a new task becomes urgent - retaining a client with high-quality service and feedback.


The key to keeping a client in Russia lies in understanding his mentality, what exactly can attract or alienate him from your product or service.  


Having a call-centre for potential clients is a good way to attract them. Additionally, being able to talk to customers in their own language will always bring about better results.


We can provide competent presentation of your company in Russian, call-centre with professional Russian-speaking managers  and remote office for offline meetings between clients and our managers on your behalf. Additionally, consulting services are possible for more understanding how to work with a Russian consumer.

Upon completion of the work, we prepare a final report, which includes an overview of the work done, the collected data, advertisement results and other useful information.


Even after completing all the stages, our cooperation may only begin.


We are able to provide warehousing, logistics, consulting, remote office, market advertising and much more.


Send your query and start Russian representation with us.

Stage II

Launching advertisement campaign of your product

Stage III
Reaching Clients

Collecting feedback and retaining customers

Maintaining Trade

Concluding results and maintaining gains

Making advertisement plan in Russia

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